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Untethered Airway Health Centers

 If you or a loved one is navigating the complexities of airway-related challenges - we understand. We’ve been there and we want to help. 

Who We Treat & How We Help

Babes (Under 2 Years Old)

Watching your baby struggle with breastfeeding or sleep can be heart-wrenching. If it’s a tongue or lip tie—we can guide you toward a gentle resolution. 

Littles (2 to 5)

Have you noticed mouth breathing, poor sleep and/or behavioral problems in your child? It could be a growth and development problem that they won’t “grow out of”. Our early interventions can set them on a healthier path.

Bigs (6 to 106)

Experiencing jaw pain, sleep disturbances, or breathing issues? It’s not something you have to ‘live with.’ Our targeted treatments offer solutions that can significantly improve your quality of life.

We're still putting the finishing touches on our site, but you can easily find resources and schedule your visit using these links!

We’ve Been In Your Shoes

Why are we on fire for fixing your airway-related health issues? Because we’ve personally walked this path ourselves….
We are Dr. Liz Turner & Dr. Meggie Graham. We both have compromised airways that have created health challenges for us. We’ve both struggled with nursing our children.  We’ve both been frustrated by the medical system missing airway problems in our family members.    Practicing airway healthcare is how we help patients and their loved ones avoid unnecessary suffering and achieve a better quality of life.

Why Dentists?

Because we intimately understand the connection between oral wellness and systemic health.  We’ve been through what you’re going through – as patients and as mothers.  We’re passionate about providing the kind of  comprehensive airway healthcare that will help you (or your loved one) get better. 

Collaborative Approach
Our Referral Partners

Healing thrives on collaboration.  The heartbeat of Untethered Airway Health Centers is our multidisciplinary approach to treating our patients. We’ve developed a network of compassionate, like-minded providers who help us consistently improve health outcomes.  

Myofunctional Therapists

Specializing in the therapy of oral and facial muscles.

Occupational Therapists

Helping individuals perform daily activities through therapy and adaptive strategies.


Addressing structural issues of the jaw and teeth.


For comprehensive care of infants and children.

Sleep Specialists

Managing sleep-related breathing disorders.

ENT Specialists (Ear, Nose, and Throat)

For nasal and throat-related issues.

Speech and Language Pathologists

Addressing speech and swallowing issues.

Osteopaths/Craniosacral Therapists

Focusing on gentle manipulation to improve body function and reduce stress.

Physical Therapists

Focusing on body alignment and muscle function.


Offering treatments for musculoskeletal alignment, impacting airway health.


Providing dietary advice for oral and overall health.

Lactation Consultants

Assisting mothers with breastfeeding challenges.


Visit us at our two convenient locations, designed for comfort and
equipped with the latest in airway health technology.

Denver, Colorado

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Patient Testimonials

Hear Our Patients’ Stories

Untethered Resource Hub: Empowering Patient Decisions

Untethered Airway Health Centers (UAHC) are defining a new paradigm for early airway intervention and whole-lifespan airway healthcare. We believe in informed healthcare choices. Our Resource Hub is packed with information to guide patients on their wellness journey.

The Untethered Airway Health Center Ethos

“Understanding airway issues opened my eyes to the bigger picture of oral health connecting to overall well-being. Our vision is to create an airway practice that takes a holistic approach to bridging the gap between dentistry & medicine for all ages.”

- Dr. Turner

“The limitations of single tooth dentistry left me unfulfilled, prompting a shift to a comprehensive health prevention perspective. Now, I center my focus on questioning the WHY and serving as a treatment planning quarterback, ensuring the best outcomes for each patient.” 

- Dr. Graham

We're still putting the finishing touches on our site, but you can easily find resources and schedule your visit using these links!