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The Myo Munchee: How it Can Help Build Your Facial Muscles

Since many myofunctional issues stem from developmental problems created in early childhood, catching and treating myofunctional issues early on can be pivotal in preventing those issues from developing as adults. But, if you are a parent, you know that getting a kid to wear a coat is a battle many of us don’t win, so encouraging them to do therapy exercises is something only a few and the proud will master. 

When it comes to dental and myofunctional therapy tools, one of the most unique and useful ones is Myo Munchee. These chewable tools can help children develop healthy jaw and face bones, speech patterns, dental hygiene, sleeping habits, and so much more. And, readily available at your Lakewood dental office, a Myo Munchee can also help correct these problems in adults. 

What exactly is a Myo Munchee device?

A Myo Munchee is a silicone tool that looks like a mouthguard. The device is available in a number of sizes: Bebe for ages 6-18 months, mini for very young children (age depending on their development – normally 18mo-age 4), small for children ages 4-8, medium for children ages 8+ and most adult women, and large for boys ages 14+ and most adult men. 

To use the tool, you or your child simply puts it in their mouth and actively chews it for up to ten minutes daily. Children and most adults need to work up to this amount and will start chewing it for five minutes twice daily. It is non-toxic and safe to chew and has fantastic effects on the muscles and bones of the face.

How the MyoMunchee Works

Your Lakewood dentist may suggest that you or your child use a Myo Munchee if they notice weakness in the muscles in the lower third of the face, which can cause breathing, eating, and talking problems. In addition, your dentist may notice other issues with the teeth, gums, look, or function of any of them and recommend using a Myo Munchee.

Depending on the treatment plan, the Myo Munchee can be used either actively or passively. Passive use may be simply holding the appliance in your mouth. Sometimes passive use is recommended to allow the mouth to rest while promoting nose breathing. This device helps to gently shift your jaw forward to keep your airway open and encourages better breathing habits and toning musculature. With the help of an habit appliance to build tone, you can decrease snoring and successfully manage your symptoms of sleep disordered breathing. 

Other Benefits of MyoMunchee

Myo Munchees are valuable tools to assist other forms of therapy and treatment, such as myofunctional therapy, speech pathology, dementia therapy, manual therapy, orthodontic treatment, sleep therapy, and more. They support periodontal health and condition, bone and joint health, and children’s oral and facial development. The Myo Munchee is also a great way to start balanced, predictable, and gentle exercise to tone, strengthen and optimize the function of the jaw and facial muscles. Daily chewing for as little as 10 mins is a simple and inexpensive part of preventative dental care and hygiene.

How to get a MyoMunchee

Myo Munchees are available in some sizes on their product website.  The Bebe Munchee is only available in a provider’s office.  We are happy to supply Munchees of varying sizes to patients in our Lakewood, Colorado area!

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